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You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (Sampler) 2LP

These albums are vintage stock originating directly from the Zappa Records warehouse. They have literally been in the Zappas’ own storage for decades! Until now...

Frank Zappa wrote the following about this album:
"This series took 20 years to put together. It provides for those interested in my music a comprehensive collection of previously unreleased live material (ABSOLUTELY NO OVER DUBS), recorded in every available medium (7 1/2 ips analog two-track up through 24 track digital), beginning with the earliest tapes (October, 1968, Royal Festival Hall, London, England), to the most recent (featuring material from our 1988 "BROADWAY THE HARD WAY" world tour).

Great care has been taken throughout to ensure the best audio quality, however early selections of historical interest performed by the original Mothers Of Invention, though not exactly "hi-fi," have been included for the amusement of those fetishists who still believe the only "good" material was performed by that particular group. Hopefully, comparisons to recordings by the later ensembles will put an end to that peculiar misconception.


The performance of any band from any year can be (and often is) edited to the performance of any other band from any other year, sometimes in the middle of a song.

The selections were chosen as answers to these theoretical questions:

(1) Is this the best available version of THIS SONG by THIS BAND?
(2) Is there some "folkloric" significance to this performance?
(3) Is it a premiere recording?
(4) Is it a "one-time-only" performance of an improvised event?
(5) Is there a good solo in it?
(6) Will it give "Conceptual Continuity Clues" to the hard-core maniacs with a complete record collection?
(7) Does the inclusion of this song help the stylistic flow of the album sequence by providing contrast or relief?
(8) Is there film or videotape of the performance?

I hope you enjoy this volume and will find time to hear the
entire 13 hour collection.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON STAGE ANYMORE" is dedicated to the musicians who play on it and to the listeners who have appreciated them for the last two decades.

Thank you."


A1. Plastic People
A2. The Torture Never Stops
B1. Montana (Whipping-floss)
B2. The Evil Prince
B3. You Call That Music?
C1. Sharleena
C2. Nanook Rubs It
D1. The Florida Airport Tape
D2. Once Upon A Time
D3. King Kong
D4. Dickie's Such An Asshole
D5. Cosmic Debris