Waka/Jawaka Standard Bundle

Size (Waka/Jawaka T-Shirt)

Ships on: July 17, 2024

This exclusive bundle features the Waka/Jawaka 180g Black LP and the Waka/Jawaka T-Shirt.

Waka/Jawaka 180g Black LP
In 1972, FZ experimented with an “Electric Orchestra” concept which resulted in two albums: Waka/Jawaka and The Grand Wazoo. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of this endeavor, Waka/Jawaka is available as a 1LP 180g black vinyl.


1. Big Swifty

1. Your Mouth
2. It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal
3. Waka / Jawaka

Waka/Jawaka T-Shirt
Black, unisex t-shirt with design inspired by the Waka/Jawaka album cover on the front.

Design measures 12.5“ in width

Album artwork by Marvin Mattelson

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