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Trance - Fusion CD

Released in 2006, 13 years after the musician's death, the album forms the third in a trilogy of instrumental albums which focus on Zappa's improvised guitar solos, after Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar (1981) and Guitar (1988).[1] Trance-Fusion was among the last albums completed by Zappa before his death.


1. Chunga's Revenge
2. Bowling On Charen
3. Good Lobna
4. A Cold Dark Matter
5. Butter Or Cannons
6. Ask Dr. Stupid
7. Scratch & Sniff
8. Trance-Fusion
9. Gorgo
10. Diplodocus
11. Soul Polka
12. For Giuseppe Franco
13. After Dinner Smoker
14. Light Is All That Matters
15. Finding Higgs' Boson
16. Bavarian Sunset