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Tinsel Town Rebellion 2LP

These albums are vintage stock originating directly from the Zappa Records warehouse. They have literally been in the Zappas’ own storage for decades! Until now...

Tinsel Town Rebellion is almost entirely live with performances from Santa Monica to London.

The opening track, "Fine Girl," is likely one of the first that was recorded in 1980 at Frank Zappa's home studio, the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (UMRK), after its construction was completed.

A1. Fine Girl
A2. Easy Meat
A3. For The Young Sophisticate
B1. Love Of My Life
B2. I Ain't Got No Heart
B3. Panty Rap
B4. Tell Me You Love Me
B5. Now You See It - Now You Don't
C1. Dance Contest
C2. The Blue Light
C3. Tinsel Town Rebellion
C4. Pick Me, I'm Clean
D1. Bamboozled By Love
D2. Brown Shoes Don't Make It
D3. Peaches III