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Them or Us 2LP

These albums are vintage stock originating directly from the Zappa Records warehouse. They have literally been in the Zappas’ own storage since the 80's! Until now...

This is a Zappa studio album with live elements, killer cover songs, and backwards vocals in "Ya Hozna" (taunting the would-be music censors of the 80's who were concerned with the superstitious idea that backwards audio was satanic spiritual content)...

"Now, the name of this album is Them or Us, and in America, as far as I'm concerned, it means US, the Pagans, versus THEM, those hideous Christians. And if they want to have a law in Congress that says you can't put anything backwards on a record, well, and how about a record that's got it all backwards?"
— Frank Zappa talks about "Ya Hozna", interviewed by Andy Batten-Foster, BBC Radio 1, UK, September 1984


A1. The Closer You Are
A2. In France
A3. Ya Hozna
A4. Sharleena
B1. Sinister Footwear II
B2. Truck Driver Divorce
C1. Stevie's Spanking
C2. Baby, Take Your Teeth Out
C3. Marque-Son's Chicken
C4. Planet Of My Dreams
D1. Be In My Video
D2. Them Or Us
D3. Frogs With Dirty Little Lips
D4. Whipping Post