Orchestral Favorites CD Set & T-Shirt Package

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Orchestral Favorites CD Set & T-Shirt Package

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    A 3CD set featuring the remastered original album with a bonus live concert from the Royce Hall event of 1975. Includes a 32-page booklet featuring liner notes by Terry Bozzio and photos from the performances.


    This package includes the Orchestral Favorites 3CD set and t-shirt.


    DISC 1:


    40th Anniversary Remaster

    1. Strictly Genteel
    2. Pedro’s Dowry
    3. Naval Aviation in Art?
    4. Duke of Prunes
    5. Bogus Pomp


    1. Strictly Genteel (Keyboard OD Version)

    The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra live at Royce Hall, September 18th, 1975

    DISC 2:

    1. Show Start/Bogus Pomp Explained
    2. Bogus Pomp
    3. Revised Music for Low-Budget Symphony Orchestra
    4. The Story of Pedro’s Dowry
    5. Pedro’s Dowry
    6. The Story of Rollo
    7. Rollo

    DISC 3: 

    1. Black Napkins Instructions
    2. Black Napkins
    3. Dog/Meat
    4. The Players
    5. Naval Aviation in Art?
    6. “Another Weirdo Number”
    7. Lumpy Gravy (Extract)/Improvisation
    8. Evening at the Hermitage
    9. “A Special Guest Artist”
    10. Duke of Prunes
    11. “Absolutely Disgusting”
    12. The Adventures of Greggery Peccary
    13. Strictly Genteel