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Carnegie Hall 3CD

Carnegie Hall is a quadruple live album on 3CD's by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, released posthumously on October 31, 2011, by the Zappa Family Trust. It is a mono recording of the two shows given on October 11, 1971 at Carnegie Hall in New York. It is sixth installment that is dedicated to the posthumous release of complete Zappa concerts, following the releases of FZ:OZ (2002), Buffalo (2007), Wazoo (2007), Philly '76 (2009) and Hammersmith Odeon (2010).


Disc: 1 1. Hello (To Foh)/Ready?! (To the Band) [Live] 2. Call Any Vegetable [Live] 3. Anyway the Wind Blows [Live] 4. Magdalena [Live] 5. Dog Breath [Live] 6. Peaches en Regalia [Live] 7. Tears Began to Fall [Live] 8. Shove It Right in [Live] 9. King Kong [Live] Disc: 2 1. 200 Motels Finale [Live] 2. Who Are the Brain Police? [Live] 3. Auspicious Occasion [Live] 4. Divan: Once Upon a Time [Live] 5. Divan: Sofa #1 [Live] 6. Divan: Magic Pig [Live] 7. Divan: Stick It Out [Live] 8. Divan: Divan Ends Here [Live] 9. Pound for a Brown [Live] 10. Sleeping in a Jar [Live] 11. Wonderful Wino [Live] 12. Sharleena [Live] 13. Cruising for Burgers [Live] Disc: 3 1. Billy the Mountain [Pt. 1 / Live] 2. Billy the Mountain [Live/The Carnegie Solos] 3. Billy the Mountain [Pt. 2 / Live] 4. The $600 Mud Shark Prelude [Live] 5. The Mud Shark [Live]