Road Tapes, Venue #1 CD (2012)
M ZAP-CD-1038
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Get your ticket to ride! First stop Vancouver. House lights go down, Curtain goes up. You sit down and listen up. Get on the bus.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. The (By Hand) Importance of an Earnest Attempt

2. I'm a Rock/Transylvania Boogie Help

3. Flopsmash Musics

4. Daddy Hungry Freaks

5. The Orange County Lumber Truck

6. The Rewards of a Career in Music

7. The Rewards of a Career in Music

Disc 2

1. Trouble Every Day

2. Shortly: Suite Exists of Holiday in Berlin Full Blown

3. Pound for a Brown

4. Sleeping in a Jar

5. in the Sky Oh

6. Octandre

7. King Kong

Road Tapes, Venue #1 CD