Greasy Love Songs CD (Zappa Records)
M ZAP-CD-1010
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Greasy Love Songs CD

Yum & Cheap Thrills together at last. It's 40+ years later for this Anniversary FZ AudioDocumentary in the project/object series. Cruise again with Ruben & The Jets playing all your favorite greasy love songs.

Track listing:

Original 1968 Vinyl Stereo Mix

1. Cheap Thrills

2. Love Of My Life

3. How Could I Be Such A Fool

4. Deseri

5. I'm Not Satisfied

6. Jelly Roll Gum Drop

7. Anything

8. Later That Night

9. You Didn't Try To Call Me

10. Fountain Of Love

11. "No. No. No."

12. Anyway The Wind Blows

13. Stuff Up The Cracks

Bonus tracks

14. Jelly Roll Gum Drop (alternate mono mix)

15. "No. No. No." (long version)

16. Stuff Up The Cracks (alternate mix)

17. "Serious Fan Mail" (segment from FZ's 2/21/69 lecture)

18. Valerie (mono mix)

19. Jelly Roll Gum Drop (single version)

20. "Secret Greasing" (FZ on KPPC, Pasadena, 11/27/68)

21. Love Of My Life (Cucamonga recording circa 1962-1964)