Trance-Fusion CD
M ZAP-CD-1021
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Trance-Fusion CD

Like Shut Up n Play Yer Guitar and Guitar before it, Trance-Fusion is the third release consisting of guitar solos recorded over the years on the road. Created by Zappa himself, and containing two performances with his son Dweezil, it was one of the last projects completed before his passing in 1993.


1. Chunga's Revenge

2. Bowling On Charen

3. Good Lobna

4. A Cold Dark Matter

5. Butter Or Cannons

6. Ask Dr. Stupid

7. Scratch & Sniff

8. Trance-Fusion

9. Gorgo

10. Diplodocus

11. Soul Polka

12. For Giuseppe Franco

13. After Dinner Smoker

14. Light Is All That Matters

15. Finding Higgs’ Boson

16. Bavarian Sunset